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Each Business offered on this site is represented directly by  the business owner, NOT a broker.   

Each business profiled has one or more of the following attributes:

w Currently or has been active   

w Involves some degree of selling  

w May be Purchased or Leased.

w Litigation free      

w Has little/no inventory required            

w May be Local, Regional, relocatable

w Has no employees     

w Requires very little space       

w National, State or local in scope

w Requires no retail space (brick/mortar)

w Relies on the Internet

w Has little to no direct competition  

w Highly suited for RV Lifestyle

w NO  MLMs


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RSVP Event MagazinesTM

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Before considering buying or starting ANY business, PLEASE pause and consider the following:

1. Do I have a written Business Philosophy? (Before you start looking for a business)

A Business Philosophy is an overall introspection of the prospective business

owner's objectives, skill set, assets and liablilities, which will help identify what type of business, IF ANY, are suitable to achieve the business owner's Goals.

How to make a Business Philosophy


2. Do I have a clear idea of the Business Model? (Before you buy or start a business)

       Do I have a clear understanding of the overall concept of how the business works in the marketplace and why the business is important in the marketplace?

Business Modeling HINTS

How to Make and Use a Business Model

      Onece you have composed a Business Philosophy and a Business Model (1 Model for each proposed business) compare each Element of your Business Model to the Elements of your Business Philosophy to see BOTH agree. If you find that too many Bus.Mod. Elements do not agree with your Bus.Phil. odds are less good for your success.


3. Do I have a written Business Outline? (Before you make a Business Plan)

    Do I have a preliminary outline describing what the elemets are of my business and how they will operate to generate cash flow?


4. Do I have a written Business Plan?

(Before you activate a business)

     Do I have a detailed understanding of the day-to-day work, accounting, inventory, material flow and money flow of my business?

Business Plan sample


Once you believe that you have a firm grasp on items #1 and 2. above, you are invited to explore the exciting business opportunities listed in the column to the left!


Then, after you have evaluated the linked businesses and feel you would like more information about any one or more of the businesses listed, please email Bob Sherby at with your comments and questions.


Please bare in mind that we have many types of Business Opportunities that may either be Leased or Purchased.


Business Purchasing vs. Business Licensing

Buying a business is straight forward: you pay top dollar and get full responsibility (risk) for all aspects of the business's operations and overhead.

Business Leasing, a.k.a. Affiliate Publishing, is quite different. Basically, by Licensing, the Licensee pays a relatively small fee to buy an exclusive area License.  The Licensee is only responsible for a small fraction of the business operation, and pays virtually NONE of the business overhead. Yet the Licensee  makes a significant percentage of the profit with very little risk and/or overhead.


NOTE: If you require assistance formulating a Business Philosophy, Business Model and/or a Business Plan, Source Map, Inc. can assist you.


For details contact Bob Sherby


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Alaska Adventure ArtMapTM

1: Selling display ads on CVB Event Promo Magazines

2. Selling display ads & maps for AK Map & Guide

3. Selling distpay ads & custon Event Magazines

Kitsap County


Selling display ads on the KC Adventure Map & Guide



City Walking Maps & Guides


Selling display ads on downtown city walking maps/guides


Cash Cow NewsTM
Promoting: Community Prosperity, Teamwork & Health

Fishing River MapsTM

Selling display ads on River Maps & Guides


List of persons/organizations consulted to obtain project information & guidance.

Selling display ads & maps for PT Historic Map & Guide


Fishing North America  Yosemite National Park TM
Selling Internet & Print custom "Scrap Magazines" and advertising to end-users and organization that can include custom maps. Coming Soon!

Alaska Adventure ArtMapTM

1: Selling display ads on CVB Event Promo Magazines

2. Selling display ads & maps for AK Map & Guide

3. Selling distpay ads & custon Event Magazines


SKIING of North America ArtMapTM

Selling display ads & maps for N.A. only Ski Map


RACEWAYS of N. Amer. ArtMapTM

Selling display ads & maps for N.A. only Racing Map


World Impressions.comTM

Selling puzzles & posters of Americana



Manufacture / Sales of manipulative, 3-D puzzle



Selling imprintable art & history products of the World


Seattle's Best MapTM   NW Adventure MapTM


Selling display ads for map used by SCVB & SDA


GOLF of North America ArtMapTM

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My Legacy Maps

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Destination "Flags"

Custom Travel Maps

Video Links

Travel Pictures

Travel Jounals




Colorado Adventure Map(TM)
Promotes: State Attractions, Destinations & Events

Baseball Stadiums ArtMapTM

Selling display ads & maps for N.A.


Many other businesses for Sale or License to be posted in March 2013.

To haveYOUR Custom Business CREATED for you,

email your interest to email.